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  1. I thought I would attach a few telling photos of Col’s Mums funeral on Tuesday, Nancy McMurdie.

    My take on this lovely funeral, was that Col and Angus lost a Mother, a Father, a Sister and a Comrade, all on the one day.

    Col made a great speech as a tribute to his Mum; fine words. It was recorded, and Col said it will be on the web soon.

    It was very well attended by lots of family, friends and their Sudanese friends, whom Nancy and David helped so much, through the church.

    Apparently Nancy wanted us to sing loudly, at the St James Uniting Church in Box Hill South. I didn’t hear much action from Sean or Boz! And I didn’t know the hymns that were chosen, so I struggled. I can see I will have to start going to Church again!

    I got a lovely text from Col late Tuesday night, and he said he felt at peace, and was so grateful that he had so many good friends, those who rang him, emailed him, sent cards and messages of support, as well as those who could attend the funeral on the day.

    Julie Wintle
    Hon Brendan O’Connor MP
    Shadow Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations
    Federal Member for Gorton

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